Kava Coffee Rub Seasoning Recipe Beef Steak

Kava Coffee Rub

Kava® Coffee Rub This homemade coffee rub is the perfect choice when you want to bring a savory, earthy and somewhat spicy flavor to your meat. Because Kava® instant coffee is low-acid, unlike other coffees it won’t burn, over-caramelize or

Kava coffee brownie recipe mocha fudge

Decadent Mocha Brownies

Decadent Mocha Brownies Rich and decadent chocolate mocha brownies made with Kava® coffee twist! The perfect fudgy, cakey brownie, with a hint of mocha. SERVES 15 Time 60mins INGREDIENTS 5 teaspoons Kava® low-acid instant coffee 2 cups white table sugar

Whipped Coffee Instant Kava Low-Acid Coffee Dalgona

Whipped Coffee

Kava® Whipped Coffee Fluffy, rich and decadent homemade whipped (Dalgona) coffee with a low-acid Kava® kick! This quick and easy recipe uses ingredients you already have at home. Enjoy hot or cold, this tasty treat is certain to delight. SERVES

Thick & Rich Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce

Thick & Rich Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce​ Thick, rich and decadent homemade mocha hot fudge sauce with a Kava® coffee kick! Enjoy over ice cream, on brownies, or with any of your favorite sweet treats; this tasty topping is a

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